Pierre Ferret

Pierre Ferret

Pierre Ferret graduated in architecture (DPLG) in 1975 from ‘ l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris’  and ‘L’Ecole  d’Architecture de Bordeaux’. In 1975 ‘le Grand Prix de Rome’ had been presented to Pierre Ferret.

Very quickly, Pierre Ferret became not only a reference in the design and construction of sports facilities and stadia but also an expert in specialised sport related concepts.  He developed the concept of National Specialised Center for sports like the National Football Center in Clairefontaine. He also participated in the elaboration of the candidacy of France for the hosting of the World Cup in 1998, of South Korea and Japan in 2002 and of Egypt in 2010. These types of infrastructure are usually erected amidst complex sites: Pierre Ferret has quite an inventive manner of responding to those complexities.

Despite the fact that uniformity is often present in sports structures, Pierre Ferret strives to design with the context and cultural values.

The project proposed for the Bordeaux stadium where both the colour and designed is inspired of cultural values prevailing in Bordeaux.

However, sports architecture cannot summarize all the projects designed by Pierre Ferret.

He has managed a big town planning project concerning the ‘banlieues 89’ project, worked and realized projects in the health, cultural and housing sector. In his projects, Pierre Ferret chooses to relate contemporary architecture to the existing one striving to sublimate it.

Member of the ‘Académie Française d’architecture' (national correspondent)

President of   l’ ADAM ( Organization for the defense of contemporary architecture)

Member of  l’ AFEX  (Organization for exporting French architects)

Lecturer at the University of Sport of Bordeaux (Masters in management UFR – STAPS)