Chantereyne Sports Complex in Cherbourg en Contentin

Program: New construction and rehabilitation of Chantereyne's Sports Complex, in Cherbourg en Cotentin.

Challenge for AFA:  Create in the heart of the city, the new attractive and singular "sportive meet-up" - in harmony with both the city and its harbour.

Team: Atelier Ferret Architectures (representative architect), Agence Schneider (associate architect/OPC), Schlaich Bergermann Partner (Structures), Alto Ingénierie (Electricity/Fluides), DCI Environnement (VRD/Landscaping), Gamba, (Acoustics), Casso & Associés (SSI coordinator/SI consultant), Maitrys (Construction economist) Perspective : Itsaso Fernandez

Contracting authority: Ville de Cherbourg-en-Contentin

Status: 2021 contest

Budget: €17 560 350 HT

Surface: 181748,627386 ft2

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