We won a design competition ! - Sports, cultural and housing facilities architecture studio

We won a design competition !

L’atelier Ferret in association with architect Pierre Enjalbal have been proclaimed winner for the design competition of the sports and cultural center of Flavin.

The objective was to design a public infrastructure with a good presentability and a subtle integration in this context of hills and meadows. This landscape from which only the church bells emerges , creates a whimsical atmosphere that should not be disturbed.

This point of view oriented the conceptual research towards a building embedded in the slope of the site. The building is cut by a narrow passage connecting the upper forecourt linked to the municipal school to another lower court linked to the townhall. These narrow passageways are reminiscent of those existing in the little village sof the Aveyron region. This contemporary faultline creates a physical and virtual connection towards the historical center of Flavin.

So as to make an active participation in the social life of the community, the gymnasium, dance studios , reception hall and the associations’ offices are completely transparent on the lower forecourt. This orientation provides quality light with no dazzling and an outstanding view towards the immensity of the landscape. The martial arts hall is at the heart of the building and opens on a small interior garden evoking a reverence moment as in the zen japanese gardens.

During competitions in the gymnasium, the public coming through the upper forecourt  would enjoy not only the evergoing gymnastics moves but also the deepness of the landscape through the 45m large and 10 metres tall glass facade.

In contrast with the immateriality of glass are the vertical concrete walls and roof in tone close the colour of the local stone. Stones and lighting glass panels will be inserted in the concrete floor of the forecourt. This will be done in response to the openings on the walls on the gymnasium and the roof of the reception hall. During the day the light reflections on the passageway coupled with the lighting glass panels will undoubtedly be an invitation to get caught up in this contemporary and magical passageway.

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