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Sports Hall in Bordeaux

The renovation of the Sports Hall of Bordeaux has been entrusted to Atelier Ferret Architectures.

December 2011

The town council of Bordeaux has entrusted the renovation of the Sports Hall of Bordeaux to the Atelier Ferret Architectures.

The Sports Hall was built in the 1960’s and was meant to be a place solely dedicated to sports activities.  It, however, was home since 25 years to the national orchestra of Bordeaux. The town council now wishes to restore the building to its original function and create a symbolic sport related place in the heart of Bordeaux.

The theme of the project is based on the following:

  • Restore the building to its original sports related function.

  • Enliven the reinforced concrete structural frame of the Sports Hall

  • Permit the natural lighting of the premises for towards a more sustainable aim

  • Take advantage of the position of the building in the urban fabric ( Sports Hall is found in the heart of ancient Bordeaux)

  • Creating receptive spaces revealing the elegant subtleness of the concrete and a contemporary and lively interior design.

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