‘La Pibale’ house and restaurant - Sports, cultural and housing facilities architecture studio

‘La Pibale’ house and restaurant

nomination for the ‘prix de la première oeuvre’.
The objective here was to restructure this café / restaurant and residential place with respect to the strong patrimonial and contextual identity while integrating the sense of contemporary style.

The main theme of the project is the imbrications: that of two distinct periods, two architectural styles – traditional and contemporary and of two spaces – public and private.

The building  also imbricates  in its context, between two strong entities, the ocean and the forest of ‘les landes’. The housing part has been designed with a completely transparent East / West axis directing the eye towards the outstanding view.

Founded in 1983, the architecture prize of the ‘Moniteur ‘is an award for architectural realisations in France. To be nominated for the prize of ‘la première oeuvre’ (first project realised by an architect) is recognition for a very promising future.

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